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Delicious Dairy Alternatives

So yesterday I posted an entry about another reason not to eat dairy. Now, I know that their are several dairy lovers out there who are scratching their heads thinking if I can’t have dairy what the heck do I do about milk and ice cream????? These are some of Americans favorite comfort foods! I like yourselves have an affinity for that creamy decadent dessert known as ice cream. So without dairy (or sugar for that matter) what can you eat? Luckily the food industry has gotten pretty sophisticated and advanced. It used to be that people would crinkle their nose s when they heard “healthy food”, but rest assured healthy food no longer tastes like cardboard crackers. So here’s a look at some of the alternatives on the market:

Milk Alternatives:

Hemp Milk – Made from hempseeds. Hemp Milk has a good balance of omega 3’s and omega 6 as well as sulfur to make your skin glow! Contains 40% of daily recommended calcium. I recommend the brand Living Harvest. Make sure to purchase their unsweetened variety.

Almond Milk – Made from almonds. My favorite brand is Blue Diamond unsweetened. Almond milk is lower in calories and fat then hemp, soy and rice.

Soy Milk – Similar to those with lactose intolerance problems, some people find soy difficult to digest and some have soy allergies.

Rice Milk – Made from brown rice. Rice Dream offers a variety of flavors and enriched milks as well as an Organic version.

Ice Cream-

By far one of my favorite new products on the market is the Turtle Mountain Dairy Free Ice Cream. It is made with coconut milk (which has so many benefits it warrants a different posting), agave nectar as the sweetener and few other ingredients. Not only does it taste like real ice cream but I love that it feels so pure, like something I would make at home.