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Great NYC Cafe

One of my favorite things to do is to visit new healthy cafes and markets, whether it is in New York City or any place I am visiting.  I get so excited to see the amazing foods being offered and the fact that the healthy living trend keeps growing.  So on Friday I finally went to FreeFoodsNYC on w 45th Street (they also have another location on e. 52nd), a contemporary organic cafe catering towards the weekday lunch crowd. The food was incredible!  They have raw, vegan, gluten free and seasonally organic cuisine, what more could you ask for!  Offering not only the traditional soup, salads and sandwiches but also a market table highlighting weekly special dishes such as Miso Grilled Tuna over Coconut Risotto Cake and Raw Lasagna (Matthew Kenney from Pure Food and Wine is a business partner).  Check out their full menu on the website or better yet just hop on over to the cafe.