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Raw Snacks

One of my favorite things to do when I’m in a  new place (or even when I’m not!) is to visit the area’s health food stores.  Strange, I know. But there is something so exciting and exhiliarting about walking into a new store to discover different products or as in the case of the Whole Foods here in Boca Raton, admire the beautiful produce. I guess this is a comprable feeling to walking into the shoe department at Saks 5th Avenue in New York….so much beautiful variety- not enough time or money to buy and use everything!gojiberry_photo

So this morning, on my trip to Whole Foods Boca Raton (which happens to be a beautiful store!), I was delighted to find a new Raw foods product by Two Mom’s In The Raw. This came at a perfect time while I’ve been on this raw kick, as it is especially difficult doing raw while traveling. I have never seen these Raw crackers and granola before in New York.  Turns out after investingating on their site that they only sell in a few states right now, however you can purchase the goods on their site.  I tried the Gojiberry granola (gluten free) and the Pesto Sea Crackers (gluten free). Both were INCREDIBLY delicious and I’m so excited to have these yummy snacks in my arsenal the rest of the week.