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Recovery for Triathletes

With the triathlon season upon us (my first race of the year is next weekend!), I’ve noticed a lot of people asking about recovery. So I’m here to clear up the confusion around Recovery and provide a new delicious and effective smoothie recipe for you to try. Recovery is one of the most important aspects of triathlon training and should not be overlooked. With an increase in effort and training hours it is crucial for your body to recover quickly in order to improve performance and stay healthy. The faster you can recover, the sooner you can get in that next training session. So what are the best ways to recover? Optimal nutrition is key.

After a training session you have a 30 minute window to refuel your body. It is essential to replenish your glycogen stores during this time with easily digestible carbohydrates and a small amount of protein. The protein helps to speed the uptake of carbohydrates into your system. The more easily digestible the carbohydrates and protein, the less work and energy your body needs to digest them, making that energy free to repair the body. In addition, you want to think about your recovery meal as having the following characteristics:

  • Rich in omega 3’s – to combat inflammation in the body produced during workout
  • High in electrolytes (magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium) – to fight muscle soreness and cramping
  • High in antioxidants – to prevent and repair muscle damage produced by free radicals during training
  • A source of leafy greens – to alkalize the body after all the acid build up (that can lead to fatigue) during training

Here is a great SUPERFOOD Recovery Drink:

1 Banana (potassium)yummymummychocmilksmoothie

1 cup of coconut water (great source of electrolytes)

1 tbsp raw cacao powder (#1 antioxidant and magnesium source on the planet)

2 tsp hemp seeds (easily digested protein)

1 tbsp raw honey (optional)

1 tbsp flaxseed (source of omega 3’s)

1 tbsp Revitaphi (ultimate green superfood alkalizing formula!!!)