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Acai Berry May Kill Cancer Cells

The Acai berry is getting a lot of attention lately. There are now numerous drinks, powders and shakes on the market made from this delicious,health promoting berry.  A recent article in Natural News, shows that the Acai Berry may kill cancer cells due to its extremely high acai-fruit-baskets1

antioxidant levels. “A study at The University of Florida discovered that Acai berries caused human cancer cells to self destruct 86% of the time in a culture. While this research has only been shown in a cell culture model, it is likely that it will have the same effect on human beings.” To read the article in its entirety, click here

Sambazon is a great source on the web for Acai products. I particularly like their Original Frozen Smoothie packs which you can just throw in the blender with some nut milk, and berries for a tasty treat.