Hydroponic Greens

On a recent trip to whole foods, I was delighted to find not only the usual organic, local produce but also some hydroponic greens. I stocked up on hydroponic boston lettuce and watercress (which by the way is LOADED with potassium, calcium, vitamin c and iron).  I think the last time I saw hydroponic greens was on a trip to Epcot, visiting The Land. I remember learning about the futuristic way to grow produce pesticide free and  with a perfect combination of nutrients. iStock_000000478077XSmall

So what exactly is hydroponic growing? According to livegourmet.com “Hydroponic growing techniques are soil-less and use water to transport nutrition to the plant. Our process uses nutrient-enriched water flowing through a channel to feed our lettuce the perfect combination of nutrients required for vigorous growth. Of course water quality is key and we operate our own ground water resource that is filtered with a combination of reverse osmosis, mechanical filtration, or sterilization at several stages in the growth cycle.

We also carefully monitor our greenhouses, regulating temperature, humidity and light levels. We enhance CO2 levels and extend Winter daylight so our lettuce grows at the same optimal level year-round. Optimal nurturing at each phase of development allows us to offer the finest, best-tasting, longest-lasting lettuce in the world.”

Look for some hydroponic greens are your next trip to the market!


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