I’m Healthy, I Eat Organic

Recently I had a client come to me who couldn’t understand why she wasn’t losing weight.  She said “I eat so healthy, I eat everything Organic”.  Upon further investigation, I came to understand that the list of organic foods she ate was not limited to produce but things like organic cereal, organic cookies and organic milk.  cascadian-farms

There seems to be a misconception that organic=good for me.  While switching to organic groceries is definitely recommended in order to stay clear of toxins and chemicals, it is not a free pass to losing weight and good health.  Organic products still use sugar for example. It may be organic sugar but it still has the same effect on your body as conventional.  Take organic cereals for example.  There are several on the market, especially granola’s that are awfully high in sugar…about 16g per serving. If you are going to eat cereal, look for organic cereals that have no more then 6grams per serving.  Here are a few to try Cascadian Farms Purely O’s (1gram sugar/serving),  Barbara’s Bakery Puffins (5gram sugar/serving & wheat free), Nature’s Path Crispy Rice Cereal (2gram sugar/serving, gluten free)

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